Why Custom-Design is the Best Option

Using a selection of natural timbers, such as ash, beech, oak and pine, our units are designed to fit awkward angles and unusually shaped rooms. For clients who find themselves struggling to buy furniture because of these issues, our designs will help bring a uniformity to the space instead. 

Members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, we also have a kitchen showroom where our bespoke furniture and creative storage ideas are on display.

Our media units offer a number of instant solutions. For example, if you have a large amount of books, a vinyl collection, or a range of ornaments and collectables you would like to display, we can incorporate suitable shelving into the design and frame the area allocated for your television, games consoles and media equipment. 

For our Stone or Stafford clients who prefer smaller screens, a store-bought unit may leave you with a massive gap that highlights the wall behind the television. Our unique designs are made to measure.

Flat-pack or purchased units may not last as long as custom-built media centres. We only use the best quality timbers and fixings at Tylman’s. Our carpenters won’t work with anything less. By using the best, we’re giving the best. And that’s why our bespoke media units will last.

Did you know clients feel more relaxed when surrounded by fitted furniture? Psychologically the feeling of organisation and neatness is enhanced and the mind begins to calm itself. Not only does this improve your viewing experience, you’ll find the stress drifting away when you sit down. 

Who knew carpentry could do that? We did. 

As with all fitted and bespoke furniture, such as our wardrobes and kitchens, installations by Tylman’s will add value and elegance to your home in Stone, Stafford and the surrounding localities. In business since 1975, our second-generation company is the one to call for an excellent service, eye-catching creations, and unique yet practical storage solutions. 

To talk to us at Tylman’s about our bespoke media units in Stone, Stafford and the surrounding areas, call 07809 448519.
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