Always Plan Ahead!

We’ve put together a checklist for you to consider when planning to have new wardrobes fitted. Our team will advise you during consultation, and happily offer suggestions, but it always helps to have some ideas in mind, including:

  • Hanging Space

  • Trouser Rails

  • Doors

  • Shelving

  • Drawers

  • Pull-Out Systems

Hanging Space

Don’t limit the rails to short items only, like jackets and shirts. You never know if you might need a longer segment for a new winter coat or a selection of summer dresses. And the more space you allocate, the less creased the clothes will be.

Trouser Rails

Perfect for jeans or trousers, these hanging systems are designed to save you bulking out areas which are more suited to jackets, shirts and tops. They’ll also give you a clearer view of each item.


Put some thought into this and talk to us at Tylman’s about the options available for homes in and around Stafford. If the bedroom is small, go for sliding doors with mirrored panels as the doors won’t get in the way when they’re open and the brightness will enlarge the room. We create bespoke kitchens during refurbishments and can advise on the doors to match when you visit our kitchen showroom.


The benefit of shelving is it doesn’t have to be uniform. With adjustable heights, you can dedicate smaller shelves to t-shirts whilst leaving the larger spaces for folded jumpers. They’re also ideal for handbags, towels and bedclothes. We can also create bespoke media units to home your other items.


Smaller items are perfect for drawers. We create perfectly sized bespoke furniture to place underwear, socks, belts, ties, scarfs and gloves without fear of them getting misplaced. Organised fitted wardrobes are also a great solution and will prevent you from wearing the same items all the time.

Pull-Out Systems

Whether it’s shoe racks, hanging rails or shelving, having built-in systems that bring the items to you rather than you stretching to reach into the back of the wardrobe, will make life a lot more convenient!

Tylman’s fitted wardrobes offer practicality with creative storage solutions whilst adding style and glamour to any Staffordshire bedroom. To find out more about these, our media units, bespoke kitchens, or bespoke furniture, visit our kitchen showroom or call us on the number below.

Talk to our team at Tylman’s about our exclusive bespoke furniture in Stafford and the surrounding areas by calling us on 07809 448519.
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